I downloaded my copy of the Windows 7 Beta (x64).  Microsoft did a great job with the installer.  Very hands off isntallation.  It went fairly quickly too.  I spent about 45 minutes on the installation.

I installed Windows 7 on a fresh hard drive on my main machine.  So far I the one thing that bothers me about Windows 7.

The task bar is a bit unusual. I found it hard to tell what was a shortcut to an application and what was a running application.  I was able to customize the task bar a bit to be more fmiliar to me.  Just right click on the task bar and choose properties.

I found that Windows 7 alerts of compatability issues running Google Chrome.  I found the solution to this.  The details can be found here: http://www.blogsdna.com/1900/how-to-run-google-chrome-on-windows-7-64-bit-version.htm.

World of Warcraft ran great.  I played WoW on Windows 7 for about an hour.  Ran smooth just as it does on Vista 64.

I have a driver problem with my bluetooth adapter but I also have a not quite right driver in Vista 64 as well.  

Overall Windows 7 is looking good.  I'll be using it more over the next several weeks and share anything else I find.

AuthorSam Butterworth